Patient Experiences

“Meeting Dr. Katz has been life-changing. She has a kind and caring way about her, and is so knowledgeable. I felt heard and cared for at a time when I truly needed it.”

- Nancy K., Stoughton, MA



“Dr. Katz is an extraordinary physician. She is a great listener and is compassionate and extremely thorough. Her expertise in general medicine, functional medicine, and nutrition is very rare, and she has been instrumental in helping me to feel better. Her office is extremely well run and organized.”

– Kerry O., Stowe, MA



"Dr. Katz is my life saver. She is a warm light who led me out of almost three years of suffering that was not being helped by conventional treatment. However, my situation has dramatically improved since beginning to see her.”

– Sylvia B., Arlington, MA



“I came to her overweight, physically and mentally exhausted, and riddled with anxiety. She listened intently and assured me that together we would make me feel better. And that’s exactly what she did! She is exuberant and gracious, and helped me not only recover my energy, mental clarity and physical health, but to enjoy the process of change.”

– Ellen M, Salem MA



“I have been interacting with so many doctors and specialists all these years in desperate need of healing. I don’t have enough words to say how Dr. Katz has been uniquely knowledgeable and at the same time so warm and dedicated. That’s not easy to find in this world – she saved my life.”

– Carolina D., Providence, RI



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